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                    iKYPMS PMS -Power Management System
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                    Product Profile

                    The iKYPMS PMS power monitoring and control system is widely used in the monitoring and control of equipment in buildings, factories, mines, offshore facilities and even remote areas.

                    For example, in the use of the plant, which can effectively real-time measurement of electricity and electric power data, find out where the waste of resources to improve or find fault equipment can also control the normal power supply and emergency power supply system linkage, to ensure continuous power supply, power supply is not normal to avoid the production line shut down or error. In the mines and other remote areas or work environment, set up remote monitoring and control, save time and manpower to ensure the safety of personnel.

                    In addition to saving people's hands and resources, the alarm, notice and record can be achieved through the system, which can help prevent and check power system failures and facilitate management. The system can be designed and adjusted according to customer needs, and an alarm system can be set up. In case of a problem, a specific person is notified by a preset SMS message. The information security level can also be set, and the monitoring level password is set according to the person's power and responsibility (for example, only for the view, the user, the manager, etc.).

                    - It complies with the general technical requirements of Chinese national standard GB7251.8 low-voltage switchgear and control equipment-intelligent complete equipment.

                    - It can comply with the design of the BEC 2018 edition of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Building Services Energy Code.

                    - Industrial network security measures can be provided in accordance with IEC 62443.

                    Standard Features:

                    1. Multi-function meter data collection (including current, voltage, power consumption, power efficiency, harmonics, voltage sag records, etc.)

                    2. Common situation alarm and record

                    3. Server function records data and generates charts

                    4. Remote monitoring or/and control of circuit breaker opening/closing

                    5. Real-time monitoring and control of harmonics and power quality

                    6. Real-time monitoring and recording of protection relay status

                    7. PLC automatic logic control

                    8. Internet login monitoring page

                    9. Mobile login monitoring page

                    10. Workstation/server backup emergency power

                    11. Communication protocol conversion (optional)

                    12. Cyber security function (optional)

                    Cybersecurity Features (in accordance with IEC 62443):

                    1. Backup circuit and communication network;

                    2. Multi-factor password setting;

                    3. Whitelist login settings;

                    4. Use hardware and software with safety functions;

                    5. Port and network cable connection control;

                    6. On-site personnel and equipment contact management;

                    7. Zone compartment settings;

                    8. AI network management.

                    Conform to the standard: IEC62443-2-4 / GB7251.8

                    Certificate: CB


                    iKYPMS CB.png

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