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                    Simoprime Medium Voltage Switchboard
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                    Product Profile

                    Product application: suitable for industrial and commercial buildings, distribution systems and other fields

                    Rated operating voltage (Ue): 12kV

                    Rated current (In): 800/1250A

                    Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

                    Rated short-duration power frequency withstand voltage: 28kV in compliance with IEC 62271-200

                    Rated lightning impulse withstand voltage: 75kV

                    Rated short-time withstand current: 25kA 3s

                    Rated peak withstand current: 63/65kA (50/60Hz)

                    Rated short-circuit breaking current: 25kA

                    Rated short-circuit making current: 63/65kA (50/60Hz)

                    Internal arcing classification:

                    Accesibility (Front, Rear, Lateral): Type A

                    Test current: 25kA

                    Arc duration: 1 second

                    Partition Class: PM (metallic partition)

                    Loss of service continuity category: LSC2B (metal-clad)

                    Design specification: Designed and tested in compliance with IEC 62271-200 and VDE 0671-200

                    DEKRA_KEIYIP_Simoprime Switchgear_11kV.png

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                    Address: G/F, 37 Kam Ping Street, North Point, Hong Kong
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                    E-mail : info@keiyip.hk
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