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                    KYM Low voltage switchboard & MCC
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                    Product Profile

                       "KYM" LOW VOLTAGE SWITCHBOARD AND MOTOR CONTROL CENTRE are designed, manufactured and type-tested in compliance with IEC 61439-2, BSEN 61439-2, AS/NZS 61439-2 and GB7251.12. "KYM" is suitable for commercial and industrial high rise buildings, power plants, oil refineries, chemical industries, metal industries, machinery, air-conditioning, heating and ventilation system, dock equipment, etc. The control panels are suitable for group control system in industrial assembly and commercial AHU system; they can also be completed with PLC control.


                       Standard product height is 2180mm and depth is 1250mm. It can be tailor-made upon request. It is constructed by 2.0~2.5mm electro-galvanized steel plate as door, cover and side plates. The base plinth is constructed by 4.5mm thick steel channel with 80mm height.

                    KYM can also be designed as a Motor Control Center, and built to acommodate various types of motor starters, such as direct -on-line, star-delta, auto-transformer starters and soft-starter, etc. KYM MCC is type-tested with 800kW 690Vac auto-transformer starter by ASTA.

                    Rated voltage(Ue): Up to AC 690V

                    Rated insulation voltage(Ui): Up to AC 1000V

                    Rated current (In): Main Busbar up to 9000A

                    Rated frequency: 50/60Hz

                    Temperature Rise Test: In compliance with IEC 61439-2 & GB 7251.12

                    Short-circuit withstand strenght in compliance with IEC 61439-2:

                     -50kA 1s (1000A or below)

                     -50kA 3s & 65kA 1s (above 1000A and below 3200A)

                     -80kA 1s & 65kA 3s (4000A)

                     -80kA 3s (above 4000A and below 9000A)

                    Degree of Protection: Standard product is IP31 in accordance to IEC 60529. The enclosure can be built to IP44 upon request. Internal Arc Fault tested in accordance with IEC 61641.

                    Form of construction:  Standard construction is Form 3 as per IEC 61439-2 requirement. It can be built to Form 2 or Form 4 upon request.

                    Busbar system: tinned copper busbar according to BSEN 13601 standard. Busbar systems are type-tested in accordance to BSEN 61439-3 and GB7251.3.

                    LVSB ASTA Cert.pngLVSB CCC Cert(Eng).png

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                    Address: G/F, 37 Kam Ping Street, North Point, Hong Kong
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                    E-mail : info@keiyip.hk
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