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                    KYCP Local Motor Control Panel
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                    Product Profile

                    “KY-LMCP” LOCAL MOTOR CONTROL PANEL are designed, manufactured and type-tested in compliance with IEC 61439-2, BSEN 61439-2 and GB7251.1. “KY-LMCP” is suitable for group control system in industrial assembly and commercial AHU and pumping systems with industrial auotmation applications such as PLC and SCADA.


                    Standard products are structured by “KY” cubicle or assembled. The degree of protection range is as wide as IP31~65. The LMCP can accommodate various types of starters.

                    1000Vac control panel is also available for underground or mining applications.

                    Rated Operating Voltage (Ue): AC 400V/690V/1000V

                    Rated Current (In): Up to 400A

                    Rated Operating frequency: 50/60Hz

                    Rated Short-Circuit Withstand Capacity:

                    According to standard IEC 61439-2/3, BSEN 61439-2 and GB7251.12, 40kA 1s

                    Ingress Protection Rating: Standard production is IP31 in accordance with IEC 60529. The enclosure can be built to IP66 according to customer requirement.

                    Form of Construction: Standard construction is Form 3 as per BSEN 61439-1 requirement. It can be built to Form 1, 2, and 4 upon request.

                    Busbar: tinned busbar in compliance with BSEN 13601. The busbar system are type-tested in accordance with BSEN 61439-2 & GB7251.12.

                    KYCP Cert(E).png

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