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                    Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker-KM2L
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                    Product Profile

                    Product application: distribution protection, equipment protection, motor starting and protection

                    Number of poles: 3P, 4P

                    Applicable category: A

                    Rated current (In): 63A-630A

                    Rated operating voltage (Ue):AC400V

                    Rated insulation voltage (Ui): AC800V

                    Rated impulse withstand voltage (Uimp): 8kV

                    Tripping sensitivity (IΔn): 100mA, 300mA, 500mA

                    Rated residual markng and breaking capacity (IΔm): 12.5KA

                    Type of tripping unit: Thermomagnetic

                    Residual current protection release: electronic type

                    Rated residual current tripping characteristics: AC type

                    Release time: adjustable

                    Breaking ability:

                    AC400V, Icu=50kA, Ics=35kA

                    Conform to the standard: IEC/EN60947-2 GB/T14048.2

                    Certificate: CCC CE CB

                    KM2L Certificate(E).png

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                    E-mail : info@keiyip.hk
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